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Making ACT & SAT Prep Fun

When preparing to take any test – let alone the SAT and ACT – it’s vital to know how likely a particular topic may show up. You want to be efficient with your time while doing ACT prep or SAT prep, investing the majority of your time on concepts that occur the most frequently and not spending too much time on concepts that rarely occur.  Yes, all of that can seem so daunting. You might wonder how in the world that process could be fun.

Well, it can be.

It may sound a bit dry, but ​some of the best things about studying with Winward Academy are the bits of knowledge and trivia you pick up while also learning concepts for standardized tests. For example, on a question testing further vs. farther, students also learn that Hawaii is the state that is the *farthest* (not furthest) south. Sorry, Florida.


Why should you care about further vs. farther?

In one Winward Academy lesson, Dr. Jennifer Winward explains what she calls the basics but essentials for English, which includes discussion of further vs. farther. What makes these concepts essential for test takers? They appear on nearly 10% of the questions on the SAT and ACT. That’s right – studying just one grammar lesson covers the content for 10% of questions you’ll encounter.  That means mastering these concepts will go a long way toward you achieving your desired score.

Students may find some of the concepts straightforward, and others pesky. Rest assured, Jennifer covers them all, including​ the following​:

  • understanding the difference between its/it’s/its’ and your/you’re and more.
  • knowing when to use where, when, which, that, and who as modifiers.
  • understanding the correct words to use with the comparative (,i.e., “more”) and superlative (i.e., “most”) conditions.

Wondering if Winward Academy is right for you? Check out ​a sample lesson and spend a few minutes with Dr. Winward. We think you might learn something.


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