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Healthy Adolescent Brain Development

The human brain is a mystery, an unknowable enigma that no mere mortal could ever hope to comprehend in a million years. Right? Well, eh, not really. You might be surprised to know that experts have a pretty good grasp about how the brain evolves during adolescence.
One of those experts is Dr. Susan Tapert, a neuroscience researcher, professor, and Associate Vice Chair of Academic Affairs at the University of California, San Diego.
In this Mindful Moments topical video from Winward Academy, Dr. Tapert explains what type of outside influences may positively impact the brain’s development during the critical teen years.
Getting a good night’s sleep? Yep. Practicing good nutrition? Naturally. Engaging in challenging and intellectual activities? Absolutely.
Dr. Tapert’s Thoughts on Healthy Adolescent Brain Development
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