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Staying Healthy While Studying

Study hard. People have been dishing out that bit of wisdom for centuries. And, no wonder. It’s good advice. But, when it comes to standardized tests or math class, there are additional techniques that can go a long way toward helping you reach your full potential.

At Winward Academy, we call these Mindful Moments – free topical videos featuring professionals from a variety of fields, including nutrition, financial literacy, sleep research, and exercise.


Physical Wellness:

Take stretching, for example. When studying for long hours, your body is going to ask for a few breaks. Listen to it. In one of Winward Academy’s Mindful Moments topical videos, world-renowned physical therapist Juan Reque demonstrates three stretches to help keep your neck and shoulders from getting sore while studying.



Test Anxiety Management:

And then there’s the silent, sneaking feeling all test takers feel — anxiety. There’s no getting around that these tests are a big deal, and your brain knows it. In another Mindful Moments topical video​, research psychologist Dr. Devin Prouty explains what’s actually happening in the brain during tense moments. It’s our hope that understanding the science behind stress will help you recognize your own reactions to anxiety.



Tests and academic pursuits can be stressful — acknowledging that fact and taking care of your mind and body are key. But, don’t forget – study hard, too. And always check back for more Mindful Moments topical videos from Winward Academy. If you’re curious to learn more about maximizing healthy brain development during adolescence, then check out what Dr. Susan Tapert, a neuroscience researcher at UC San Diego, had to say about tips for teens to maximize their brains. You can also check out ideas for how to make test prep fun.


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