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AP Exams 2018: I took them in May; Now What?

You studied and prepared academically and mentally. You took one, two, three, or more AP exams in May.

Are you waiting anxiously for results? Do you know how to evaluate your results? Should you take any of the exams again? Let’s get you some answers.

When Are Scores Released? 

You’ll need to be patient until July. The scoring of AP exams requires real people, not just a scantron, so the processing is slower than it is on ACT and SAT. Scores are released starting on July 5 and roll out each day through July 9 depending on the test taker’s state.

It’s July, and I don’t see my score

Before becoming concerned, check a few things.  Have scores been released for your state? Have your friends received theirs? The AP website can experience problems, so check for information on system-wide delays. If scores have been released and others have received them, you may face an issue with your test. Contact your guidance counselor or your high school’s AP coordinator. Still no answer? Escalate to the College Board. The solution may be as simple as a clerical error in recording your information. If the situation is more serious – the validity of your test, for example – you’ll be advised of your options.

I GOT my scores. I don’t like them. Now what? 

Start with a deep breath.  Remember that AP scores are not required on college applications and are typically self-reported. While taking AP courses shows academic strength and perseverance and can raise your weighted GPA, your score on the exam will not impact an admission decision.

However, if you are committed to earning college credit by doing well on the AP exam and your score won’t qualify you, then consider retaking the exam next year in May 2019. If your college admission process allows for testing a year later, then you can pursue this option. On the downside, you’ll need to pay a second time and more critically, you’ll need to keep fresh on the material tested for an additional year when you may not be taking the course again.

If you choose to retake, remember theSE TOP 5 study tips:
  1. Select resources. Consider how you learn best and use resources that support your learning style. Would you benefit from reading one of the numerous AP preparation guides or from in-person attention of a tutor. Before choosing books, boot-camps, prep classes, or online programs, know yourself and determine which learning method will yield the best results.
  2. Plan accordingly. Identify your timing, availability, and needs. Develop a plan you can stick to.
  3. Revisit foundations. Revisit the basics of your subject before diving deep into your study areas. If the only way to understand Concept B is to have already mastered Concept A, make sure you’re rock solid on Concept A.
  4. Review mistakes. Your goal is to improve your AP test score. You must review your mistakes and gain confidence before re-taking the test. Without giving yourself time to learn from your mistakes, you are not likely to see improvements.
  5. Remember mindfulness. Understandably, preparing for an AP retake can create stress and anxiety for you. It’s especially important that you take care of yourself during the process. Winward Academy offers Mindful Moments, free topical videos featuring professionals who share tips and life advice on everything from nutrition to financial literacy to brain and sleep research. While exploring these tips to stay healthy while studying, pay particular attention to Juan Reque’s stretches to prevent neck and shoulder soreness while studying and to Dr. Devin Prouty’s tips to manage test anxiety.

One last thing – you will perform optimally when you feel energetic. Remember to prioritize your health with rest, balanced nutrition, and physical activity.



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