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The Best Way to Demonstrate Interest in Colleges

Visiting a campus for a few days is great, but being on campus for weeks can offer more opportunities to increase the odds of admission to your target school. How do you find these opportunities? The answer: summer programs.


What Are Summer Programs?

Summer programs are organized by colleges and are usually a few weeks long. Students may have the opportunity to stay overnight on campus. Since summer programs simulate the academic school year, participating students take multiple classes, eat at dining halls, and live as a regular college student would.

Benefits of a Summer Program

Attending a college summer program allows you to determine if you want to attend as a real student down the road and gives the college a chance to develop an interest you. Here are five goals participants should strive for.

  1. Get a taste for the institution. The summer program allows you to become familiar with the coursework and meet the type of students who attend.
  2. Discover whether you can live away from home. This is an important factor to consider, particularly if you’ve never lived away from home.
  3. Learn what kind of environment you’re comfortable in. You’ll learn how a school’s size, population, and location can impact your choice.
  4. Show the admission committee your sincere interest in the institution. When filling out the institution’s application, you’ll get to reference your participation in their summer program.
  5. Create long-lasting relationships with peers and faculty. Demonstrating curiosity in the work of professors delivers a promising impression of your work ethic and intellectual curiosity. Granted the extended time summer programs provide, the professor may wish to recommend you to the admissions board! Check out what a Dartmouth interviewer suggested was the secret for admission to learn more about how great it is for your application to get a letter of recommendation from a professor.  


Financing a Summer Program

Most summer programs at prestigious universities are not free of cost. They are often several thousands of dollars. See an example below for Brown University:

Brown University Summer Residential Student Fees (Room and Board)

1-Week Course: $2,709

2-Week Course: $4,191

3-Week Course: $5,966

4-Week Course: $6,764

However, if you qualify for financial aid, you will most likely qualify for scholarship aid at the institution. After aid is applied, you should be able to attend the program for little to no charge. Remember, most program aid is offered on a rolling-basis; first come, first serve.


Concluding Thoughts
  1. Summer programs are an excellent way to demonstrate interest to the admission board.
  2. At a program, you’ll experience college life and discover what environment is best for you.
  3. You’ll be able to network. Creating long-lasting relationships with friends and faculty will help you feel at home on campus.
  4. Do not be discouraged by the price tag. Scholarship aid is available, and the early bird gets the worm.
  5. If you are not prepared to spend weeks at an institution, consider fly-ins! Not sure what they are? Learn more about how fly-ins can drastically increase your odds of admission.  


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