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The Best Way to Study for the ACT and SAT

When it comes to preparing for standardized tests, students have a lot of choices. Here’s how – and why – Winward Academy is different.

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that no two students learn quite the same way. After all, no two students have the same background, knowledge, interests… you get the picture. That’s why we like to start our lessons with the foundations.

So, what’s that mean? See if this scenario sounds familiar. Have you ever been in class and the teacher is trying to explain Concept B? But the only way to understand Concept B is if you already know Concept A. But what if you forgot Concept A or never really understood it to begin with? Dr. Jennifer Winward strives to ensure that that isn’t ever an issue during her lessons.

A current student, Cristina A. from Benedictine Academy, summed up Jennifer’s methods like this: “Most teachers expect the pupil to know all the basics, but Dr. Winward builds a foundation with the student, actually explaining all the steps one-at-a-time.”

Here’s an example of those methods in action. In this video, Jennifer explains how to solve what initially looks like a rather complex math problem using f(x). Notice that while explaining the answer, she goes over all the steps (even the little things) in order — both vocally and by showing her work.

Suddenly, complex becomes simple.


Of course, all of this still requires dedication and hard work, but we think you’ll love the payoff. If you enjoyed the explanation video above, then imagine having access to an online platform with over 250 hours of instruction and over 7,000 practice questions from all sections of real exams, each with step-by-step instruction videos so you’re never stuck.

That’s what you get when you team up with Winward Academy. You can be sure we strive to help students master the concepts behind the questions. Then problems – even intimidating or challenging ones – can be seen for what they are: a series of small, doable steps that get you closer to the right answer (and a higher score).

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About Winward Academy – Winward Academy is one of the world’s leading innovators in the online education space, providing web-based academic support that enhances students’ knowledge, confidence, and competitiveness in middle and high school academics and in college applications. We help thousands of students every year by providing personalized, comprehensive ACT and SAT test preparation and extensive math curriculum support. The Winward Academy learning platform honors over 40 years of education and cognitive psychology research, incorporating proven techniques that promote effective learning.

Winward Academy’s unmatched reputation is wholly attributable to our students’ exceptional success and to the trust earned among students, parents, and schools around the world.

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