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When Should I Stop Studying?

Standardized tests like the ACT and SAT shouldn’t be huge, stress-inducing events for college-bound teens. And yet, for many students, they’re exactly that.
It’s understandable, especially given the amount of time students spend studying. Not to mention the time they spend planning to study. And then there’s the time they spend thinking about studying. Oh, and, of course, the countless hours spent feeling guilty for not studying 20 hours a day. Yep, it adds up.
But all this time spent studying is good, right? After all, you can never study too much, right? Riiiight?
Opinions vary, but if you ask us, a person can definitely study too much. Granted it’s not easy to do. For many people, there will always be something they don’t totally understand.
But, if you study right – make a plan, work the schedule, put in the hours on a consistent basis – you’ll master the material with time to spare. That way, you aren’t sitting in your car on the morning of the exam trying to force your beleaguered brain to remember the difference between who and whom with five – no, four! – minutes until the test.
Knowing you’re going to do well on an exam is a special kind of thrill and one we strive to give to all of Winward Academy’s students. The feeling of walking into a test with the knowledge resting peacefully in your head, ready for action the moment you need it?  It’s glorious.
So, how do you know when you’ve studied enough? It’s when you feel comfortable with the material and you’re confident in your abilities to achieve the score you desire.
And, um, how do you do that? Take a diagnostic exam, see where you stand and what you need to work on, make a realistic but aggressive study plan, and then – and here’s the secret part that a lot of people forget about – actually study.
Do that and you’ll get to experience one of life’s great joys: not cramming. If you’re hoping to achieve this “I’m so prepared in advance feeling” – also see What to do months before the ACT or SAT or check out the differences between the ACT and SAT if you’re trying to determine which exam is better for you.

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Mike Krumboltz

Mike Krumboltz is a journalist who also writes fiction. He holds an MFA in creative writing and lives in Oakland with his wife and daughters.